Danielle blum

Global leadership, peace, empowerment, love

About Danielle 

Hello! My name is Danielle and I am an Intuitive Purpose Coach, speaker, and co-author. I have been blessed to work with clients in over 15+ countries and supporti them in activating their full potential. I have built and run multiple programs and organizations that support individuals in stepping into their leadership, awakening their intuitive power, and creating projects that uplift humanity. 

I developed a leadership training program in partnership with Hive.org that is being launched locally in 12 countries this year including Uganda, Nigeria, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Liberia, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Yemen, Bahrain, and many more countries. I have been offering intuitive energetic work for 15 years and am trained by the Matrix Light Institute. 

I believe in the gifts and visions you are meant to create in this world and I am very excited to be your supportive guide and teammate along the journey. I have a vision of a globally unified and connected world and I believe every human on this planet has a gift their soul is meant to share and contribute.  When we come together in community our visions are amplified. Let’s change the world together.

Danielle Blum


Get in touch with Danielle at: danielle@danielleblum.com